• Solid construction - nearly 9oz. in weight

• FDA Approved material - Dishwasher and Microwave safe

• Dual wall engineering - thermally insulated

• Drinks stay hot and cold

• Customized design for logos, art, graphics and advertising

• UV treated Insert encapsulated between walls

• Clear or solid color backgrounds

• Made in the USA

• Lids included free! (Color Lids available)




Covocup products beat the competition at every touch point! Why not experience them for yourself?

Permanantly sealed double-walled technology proudly made and engineered in America, to harness the natural insulating powers of air - keeping cold drinks cold, and hot drinks hot. The Covocup team is dedicated to monitoring and improving efforts to operate in an environmentally responsible manner.

LOW Minimum Quantity of 50, FAST Turn Around, Made in the USA! Ships from the USA 7-10 business days after artwork approval, plus shipping.




How can Covocup make high-quality, American-made thermally imsulated tumblers so affordable?
It's true - the "other guys" are very expensive.
Covocup buyers can have it all thanks to a concept called "Lean Manufacturing" which was developed by Japanese automakers in the 1980s. The Lean Manufacturing Method extolls the concept that anything which does not deliver value to the end user is considered waste. This waste is combated by creating testable and measurable processes and then measuring them against honest and meaningful key performance indicators. Decades later, the Covocup engineering and design team has refined the process to deliver this premium design thermal insulated tumbler, at an attractive price point.

The efficiency of the American Covocup team keeps cost low, so we can pass those savings along directly to the buyer. As the manufacturer's preferred distributor, we at Gator Promo love to be able to deliver this kind of quality as such an afforable price - So everyone can join in and experience premium quality drinkware for themselves.


We currently carry the 16 oz cup. More to come soon!



The CovoCup story stems its roots from a faraway village called Porto Covo, an exotic South American destination in the Sines of Portugal.

It all began a very long time ago with a man named John, a traveler who came across Porto Covo in his journeys. One night he found himself in front of an out of the way bistro - only well known only to villagers – so he decided to go inside for a quick look to soak up some of the local culture. While he was there, he met some townspeople who showed him the Porto Covo way of life. He stayed up socializing with them until the wee hours of the morning, dancing and having the time of his life.

When the traveler came home from his sojourn, he couldn’t get his mind off the fun he had with the people of Porto Covo. Somehow, he wanted to immortalize his experience. The traveler wanted to carry around with him his memories of the fun-filled times in this amazng place - so he decided to create a customizable traveling tumbler so that every sip would remind him of one of the best experiences of his life.

You too can carry with you the best memories of your life with your CovoCup. Aside from the pre-made designs we offer, you also have the option to incorporate your photos, artworks or keepsakes in your CovoCup so get creative. Let your drinks remind you of how fun life can be!


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